Alesis HR 16 Drum Machine Circuit Bending Patchbay

Sources: Electri-fire Vidiotsquad


Added a 'circuit bending' patchbay to the HR 16 to expand the sonic capabilities of the instrument. The video above shows a sampling of the sonic capabilities of this circuit bent HR 16. Bends can be created using the included patch cords (standard banana jack patch cords).

Cleaned the button contacts with a white easer

Replaced the internal battery with a CR2032 battery and battery holder. This circumvents the issue of soldering/desoldering the original, specialized battery.

Patchbay Details

The HR16 uses a 27C040 4k EPROM memory chip for sample storage (datasheet). The patchbay exposes pins on memory chip so data and address pins can be shorted together. The bend points are color coded as follows:

Alesis HR 16 Memory Pinout

Data IO Ground Address Input

Circuit Bent Alesis HR 16 Patchbay

1VppProgram Supply
2A16Address Input
3A15Address Input
4A12Address Input
5A7Address Input
6A6Address Input
7A5Address Input
8A4Address Input
9A3Address Input
10A2Address Input
11A1Address Input
12A0Address Input
13Q0Data IO
14Q1Data IO
15Q2Data IO
17Q3Data IO
18Q4Data IO
19Q5Data IO
20Q6Data IO
21Q7Data IO
22EChip Enable
23A10Address Input
24GOutput Enable
25A11Address Input
26A9Address Input
27A8Address Input
28A13Address Input
29A14Address Input
30A17Address Input
31A18Address Input
32VccPositive Power Supply

Circuit Bent Alesis HR 16 Cables