Sublimated Hazr from camera point of view: both in what camera 'sees' (what it uses to analyze, in this case edges for auto-focus) and as a center to which humans are always peripheral. its product is a file, composed from compressed data from the image sensor in a file to be read serially to replay the same sense of time. it is difficult to playback files other than serially and requires programming to reorder time. the reordered time is noisy and resembles the visual description but not the temporal flux of the original-moment. video and video files are not essentially serial, that is not essentially temporal.

second order laplacian transform + echo - ONLY temporal flux MATLAB random permutation - ONLY spatial description.

industrialization of temporal objects - thereby creating a set of expectations for editing (video), shifting anticipating long serial chunks to short parallel streams of information.

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muybridge to digital

informed movement

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